​​​​​Updated 01-01-2020

The answer to saving time over paralleling is not complex – it’s ServicePlex®.

24 Hr Copper

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  • Allied Tube & Conduit
  • AFC Cable Systems
  • Cerrowire
  • Cope Cable Tray
  • Galvan
  • Genesis
  • Jefferson Electric
  • Konkore Fittings
  • NewBasis
  • ​NSi Industries 
  • Power-Strut
  • RAB Lighting
  • Service Wire

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Mission Statement

AFC MC Luminary Multizone

The priority of Bay Electrical Solutions is, and always will be, to bring the highest levels of service and support to the customers of Wisconsin and the
Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  
We will represent leading manufacturers that share our commitment to
quality and customer focus. 
We will be passionate about what we do, and will work hard every day to bring value and success to our customers and manufacturers alike