ACS Uni-Fab

Integrated modular wiring systems


Residential, Commercial and Industrial copper building wire; NM; THHN/TFFN, XHHW/USE; UF; features include SLiPWire, MaxPrint, True Sequential Footage

Covering Eastern, Southern, and Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. Click the links below to visit manufacturers' websites.

AFC Cable Systems

AC and MC cable products; metallic and Liquid Tuff flexible conduit fittings and connectors.


Genesis Cable brand of low voltage cables, including Category, Coax, Fire Alarm & Security, Thermostat, A/V and Multimedia, and Intelligent Building System.

Allied Tube & Conduit

EMT, IMC and Rigid Steel conduit and fittings; True Color EMT™ color conduit; Kwik-Fit and Kwik-Couple products; Schedule 40 and 80 PVC conduit and fittings; Aluminum rigid conduit.

Service Wire Co.

Bare CopperSingle Conductors (XHHW-2, XLP USE-2/RHH-RHW-2, SIS, PV, Cathodic, Transformer Riser, THW), Twisted Cables (ServicePlex®, 400Hz, Aerial), Tray Cables, Feeder MC and Jacketed Armor CablesPump and Irrigation Cables (UF, Sprinkler, Low Energy Circuit, Submersible Pump) and Adjustable Speed Drive Cables for VFD applications (ServiceDrive®)

Jefferson Electric

Single phase and three phase Ventilated and Non-Ventilated transformers; Harmonic Mitigating and Drive Isolation transformers; Low voltage lighting transformers; Buck Boost transformers; Industrial Control Transformers, Dry-type Medium Voltage Transformers.

Our Manufacturers


Polaris™ brand Pre-Insulated connectors: TORK® brand switches and timers, lugs, wire management, Easy-Twist™ wire connectors. Warrior Wrap Electrical & Specialty tapes; Platinum Tools.

RAB Lighting

RAB Lighting is committed to creating high-quality, affordable, well-designed and energy-efficient LED lighting and controls that make it easy for distributors to sell, electricians to install and end-users to save energy.


Polymer concrete and fiberglass underground enclosures with drop-in nameplate design; concrete mounting pads.

Galvan Industries

UL listed copper and galvanized ground rods; grounding clamps; lugs & connectors.

Konkore Fittings

Universal Super Fitting™, Steel EMT Fittings, Steel Rigid & Cast Iron Fittings, Steel Liquidtight & Flex Fittings, Cord Grips, Malleable Iron and Aluminum Conduit Bodies and Steel, Aluminum and Cast Iron covers, Rigid FS and FD Boxes and Covers.


XHHW, USE, SEU, SER Aluminum building wire; service drop wire; 600V UD; bare aluminum wire; feeder-size 3 & 4 conductor MC Cable.


Strut channel, fittings and accessories; concrete inserts; Power-Angle; Aickinstrut fiberglass.

Cope Cable Tray

Cope-Ladder cable tray; Wire Basket tray; I-Beam side rail design tray; cable channel; Cope-Glas™ fiberglass tray.